Mikołaj Kopernik (Nicolaus Copernicus)

The Man Who Revolutionised Science



Since he was primarily an astronomer, people tend to forget he was a true polymath. Copernicus not only revolutionised the way our solar system was perceived back in the 15th century, but on a daily basis served the episcopate of Warmia (a province located in north-east Poland). Furthermore, he was the communities primary canon and medic. Let me introduce you to Nicolaus Copernicus, one of the all-time greats in the field of science.

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Jacek Karpiński

The IT Genius Who Farmed Pigs



People who know what this man was capable of wonder till the present day had things turned out differently would Poland now have been an IT pioneer, with Jacek Karpiński alongside Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, regarded as the most-talented and successful computer entrepreneur. If it hadn’t been for the communist system, these assumptions could well be facts. Meet Jacek Karpiński, the unfulfilled genius.

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Karol Wojtyła / Pope John Paul II

The Millennial Pope



So far John Paul II has been the first and the only pope descending from Poland. His pontificate, which lasted, is the third longest one on the record. However, what makes it significant is not just its length, but also what was achieved during its time. Arguably, what contributed to John Paul II becoming one of the most influential and well-recognized Popes of all time, was not only his skill to communicate and work well with various world leaders, but also his ability to fulfill his apostolic duty in an era when faith is very often abandoned by the young generation.

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Krzysztof Kieślowski

A Philosopher Making Movies


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Krzysztof Kieślowski was a Polish actor, screenwriter, but most importantly a famous movie director. His movies were engaging with quite challenging moral and philosophical topics. Throughout his career he was twice nominated to win an Oscar  and gathered 40 other awards  including one from European  Film Academy for the best European movie in 1988.

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Fryderyk Chopin

A Musician Deprived of His Own Motherland



Original photography of Fryderyk Chopin (1849)


Fryderyk Chopin is considered one of the greatest composers of all time, a person so gifted, that his first compositions were published when he was just 7 and at the age 15 he played for the czar Alexander I of Russia. His works have been performed all over the world at famous concert halls by numerous outstanding pianists.

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Ernest Malinowski

Creator of Engineering Wonderland: The Transandino Railway



A photography from second half of the 19th century


Ernest  Malinowski is primarily  known as a genius engineer and a designer of the Central Transandino, which is a railway that links  Peru’s capital, Lima; the Pacific port of Callao and the part of Peru situated in the Andes. With time, Malinowski also became Callao’s hero, having participated in the Chincha Islands War between Spain, Chile and Peru (1864-1866).

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Irena Sendler

One Woman Who Saved Thousands of Jewish Children


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Irena Sendler was a Polish charity, social activist and a member of the Secret Council for Assistance to the Jews. She had built  a network of people who, throughout world War II rescued countless Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto until its destruction in 1943. She also subsequently served as a medic during the Warsaw uprising  in 1944. After war ended she was involved in developing educational system for nurses and many other charitable actions. Her services  were eventually honoured with Order  of the White Eagle (highest order awarded to both civilians and the military for their merits), as well as being two times nominated  for a Nobel Peace Prize.  For many years her wartime involvement has remained  completely unknown.

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